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Promoting Pro-Ed Sites
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008
12:46 am
Hey, everyone! Check out gag_layouts !!! There is no need to credit or comment! Just take what you like. Copy the code into overrides, enter the HTML hex codes into custom colors, and follow any other applicable directions.

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
11:30 am
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
11:00 pm
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
3:28 pm
I guess a number of people here knew about the website house-of-sins.com, back in the day?
Well, it's re-opened as http://WWW.SINSANDBONES.COM
Once Meg (the owner) has finished updating all the links & URLs, all the original content will be back up. In the meantime, the SINNED forums are back
Come join & get support, find thinspiration, make friends!

Hope to see you there!
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
6:30 pm

here's my brandnew website. it's all about Thinspirations. i've just started it, so it's still under construction. but i constantly work on it. so check back soon!!!

Friday, March 10th, 2006
11:18 am
next friday i am flying out to minnesota for a photo shoot, so...

for the next seven days:

-1 gallon h20
-redline vpx
-dieter tea (it's a laxative)
-no food
-work out 1 hour

any comments, suggestions, or support would be appreciated
Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:54 am
Friday, September 30th, 2005
2:07 am
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
3:12 pm
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
2:54 pm
Ana's Children
Same name, same site, diffrent server. I'm rebuilding it after someone was able to get it removed. I would say 80% is back up. But my site is a site that always being worked on, things always being added, etc. So, check it out, come back every once in awhile to see what's been added.
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
7:58 am
Monday, May 16th, 2005
12:10 am
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
4:12 am
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